I am pleased with myself

I had a few hours this afternoon, so I decided to tackle a painting that has been on my mind. It’s 48 x 30.

I must have been inspired, I really like it a lot. Sorry for tooting my own horn, but I didn’t expect what happened inside of the blue, and I’m quite thrilled with it.



This next little one is from yesterday. It took quite a while and went through several transformations. I think I’ll call it finished. It’s hard to photograph, because of the texture and the muted colors. I’ve included some close ups. This one is 36x30.


CIMG3030 CIMG3031


  1. Oh Sox! Well done! Love both of them--the blue one-very pleasing and the second one--suc great texture in it-those cracks are wonderful!! You had good painting days!!

  2. Intense Sox! The blue is edgy - now how can you make one color edgy...love them both. Lori from sketchbook

  3. I really love the texture on that second one. Did you use a paste to build it up?


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