More oysters

It’s becoming an obsession probably. Using oysters as a starting point for paintings.






Art on holidays

I am basking in the beautiful sun in Cancun. While it’s 6C at home, and pouring rain, the Mexicans here are complaining because it’s only 15C in the morning!!!! Hahaha. I hear it’s below 0F in Chicago. Yikes.
I’ve been painting alebrijes, after Teri mentioned them. What a gorgeous and colorful design those animals have. Here is my inspiration card for the exchange on Sketchbook Yahoo group. It’s going to Australia….
I’ve also been painting shells to go in my “Oyster” book, which I’m making in the style inspired by Gina Armfield, in her online class called "Song of the Sea". You pick a theme, then paint in a large accounting book, decorate it with poems, paintings, line drawings, anything related, and lots of pages tipped in with that marvelous washi tape. I just got a large shipment from Happy Tape, waiting for me at home when I get back. I use my acrylic paints as watercolors.
CIMG3442 CIMG3443 CIMG3444 I also painted a small abstract picture. I just understood something that Robert Ryman was explaining: using white paint to make the other colors pop. It’s probably obvious, but since I’m completely self taught, I had not thought of that. I did the painting from an exercise I did in Steve Aimone workshop, abstracting from the environment. Unfortunately, I ran out of white paint half way through. So I’ll call this painting Work In Progress…

Next are pictures of Cancun where I”m staying, so for everyone freezing under tons of snow in North America, you may leave the blog at this stage, I’ll understand. ;-))

CIMG3362 CIMG3367 CIMG3373 CIMG3375 CIMG3380 CIMG3382 CIMG3385 CIMG3391 CIMG3419 CIMG3424 CIMG3437

Abstract paintings

22x30, Paper
22x30 on stretched canvas.
This one is the reincarnation of the white one. 22x30 on paper
22.30 on paper. Acrylic and acrylic inks
This one is the reincarnation of the blue one. 22x30 on stretched canvas, acrylic and acrylic inks.

48 x48 canvas