It may be the seat of the winter Olympics, it is still a magnificent town in its own right. I love this video.

Here's to whet your appetite:

New work

I finally made the time to upload some of my work. I'm just having too much fun making funky books and painting pretty faces to then update my blog. ;-((( Oh, and I'm also building a new website, all on my own, and that sure takes time. I'll post the link here once I'm happy with it.

And that eating and sleeping and grocery shopping sure cuts into my playtime.

The first new one is a painting I made last week. Come to think of it, I think I was pretty angry. I'll dedicate that one to my BIL. He knows who he is.

And of course, a 'somewhat' Suzi Blu face. I think my faces are starting to take a life of their own. They don't have the sleepy sexy eyes that are Suzi's trademark. I guess they are becoming mine.

Your comments are appreciated.

Remains of the day, my chunky book

I have completed a chunky funky book that I intend to take with me to Las Vegas at the end of February.

I built it on the Remains of the Day model from Maryann Moss's class. Definitely worth taking. It's a lot of fun, and it provides a wonderful way to get rid of all those scraps of paper or fabric that are laying around. The end result is really cool, and it makes for a great place to journal. You don't even have to journal on every page, since there' s hardly any room left.

That doesn't seem to bother MaryAnn and she just journals right on top of existing text, glue photos where she wants, and adds paper cutouts or stencils.

For anyone ever afraid of the white page, here's a cure.

I've included in mine bits of textile art that are significant to me, as well as bits of ephemera Toni sent me for my birthday. (Valentine's day, everyone!!!! It's coming soon.)

It's wonderful to have a spot for all these precious bits, and to see it each time I open my book.

These can be used a travel journals, or for sending someone far away a slice of your day. Just photograph everything you do that day, and send it to them. I'm making one on my birthday, to share that day with my sister who is in France.

Word of intent ATC's

The Blissfully Art Journal was offering a Word of Intent ATC challenge, where you illustrate 5 of the Words of Intent that women selected for 2010, and in return, you receive 5 illustrations of YOUR word.

I thought it was a great challenge, to see how other people interpret YOUR theme.

My word for 2010 is Heart. A path with heart.

I can already feel the changes in my life. Choosing to engage on a path with heart has meant that I can no longer allow toxic relationships in my life. I need all my energy and concentration to BE on that path, and to allow my heart to open.

I would have thought that with such a word, I would have wanted to be more open, more available, more 'Mother Theresa". On the contrary, I find that I'm more selective on how I spend my time, so that I can fully give of my heart.

Here is how I interpret "Decide" for my lovely friend Janet who likes bright colors:

This one is The Happiness Project, where -as I undertand it- everyday, you try to spread a bit of happiness, for yourself and for others.

This one is called 'Delight".

This one is Happiness. It was a bit odd to have "happiness' and the happiness project in the same draw, but they are in fact, a slightly different focus. As I understand it, of course.
This last one is called Hope

Two more Suzi Blu faces

I've uploaded these two faces I made for a book I'm exchanging with my sister.

The lady with the hat turned out really lovely, but when I glued my drawing page down in the book, it wrinkled terribly.... ;=(((

So I made another one. This one is more intense, more thoughtful. I must have been in a different mood.
Here is the front cover. It's an old wedding photo album, quite a large format.

And I made one of my painting directly in the book. The first time I painted directly on paper. Of course, it did wrinkle a bit. It's under a pile of books now, hopefully it will flatten out.

Steampunk altered book

I had posted my steampunk altered book. It was a copy of Dante's Inferno. I guess it's somewhat fitting.

The book is about the love affair between Jules Vernison and Victoriane. She dreams of flying with her own wings. He introduces her to this mad scientist who can help her fly...

Non Valentine's' Day card

Tis the season now to start focussing on Valentine's day. Not too hard for me, since it's my birthday. But being single on the day of celebrating love leaves to be desired. Since I've been single for most of my life, you'd think I'd have gotten used to it. But this is the ONE day in the year that's a bit hard to take.

I'm part of a group that decided to do something novel for VD, and chose 'unrequited love' as the theme. That's different, so I signed up and here's what I made:

I've used one of my own paintings for background, the lady is from the internet, the bird cage from Artchix, and the 'embellishments' are Photoshop brushes.

Pretty face redux

Here's my lady's face in its final version.
Much embellishments, a la Suzi Blu. It makes for a fun journal page.
This is on canvas, 11x 14

Two Suzi Blu paintings

I've made two goddesses today. One is finished, the other one is bugging me.

For the first one, I wanted a night scene, she's the Moon Goddess. Her hair is silver, and textured with matte gel medium. It really works for making hair. It looks very cool.

Here's a close up of the landscape. I've used clear granular gel on the left and just gel medium above.

For the other one, I followed again a Suzi Blu direction, where her goddess has embellishments on her face. But I put something terribly dark and it's shocking. I'll have to see if I can do cosmetic surgery here, and try something else.

Stay tuned.

And a photo of this morning's sunrise, since it was so awesome. Magical colors, with islands and mountains in the background.

It`s a boy!!! and a girl

Two more faces from my Suzi blu class.
Of course, the boy gave me no end of trouble, being a boy. It was our first assignment with colored pencils. I don`t like colored pencils, which shows. I like them when they`re water-soluble. Which those are. So my next step will be to add water, and paint him.

Then I did a girl, based on a model I adore from one of her students. I thought the woman was stunning, so I was inspired to follow the proportions, see if there was something I could learn there. Drawing with a ruler: I guess that`s the secret of right proportions, the golden mean and all that.

Her mouth is all wrong, completely unreal. But I can see my mistakes, so I guess it means I`m getting there.

I`ve added this person, done this afternoon. It needs more hair. But I think the proportions are starting to happen. Hand eye coordination is starting to happen to let me do what Suzi recommends for ``pretty faces``.

Drawing faces with Suzi Blu

I've started taking an online class with Suzi Blu, the lady with pink hair and the white feather hat. It's called the Goddess and the Poet, because we'll also learn how to write poetry to go with our lovely faces.

She's a lot of fun, and her instruction gets results. What more can one ask for?

First, we learned how to use a pencil properly . Holding it by the end rather than in a writing grip, and lightly. Then how to shade by applying many layers of graphite.

Here are my first few faces today. Amazing how the time flies when one is concentrating on a right brain activity. So wonderful.

Publish Post

She claims that the half closed eyes are more sexy, so that's the format we're learning....