Peyote beaded bracelet

In this new bracelet, I’m exploring a new stitch, called flat peyote. I’ve added metal copper beads on the edge to give it a ruffled look, which I like a lot. This is not bead embroidery for a change, but rather bead weaving.
To make it more steampunk, I put a clock face in the middle but I feel it really needs more. I’m thinking of adding pearls inside the clock face, or maybe around it.
Here is a close up of the watch face, and the ruffled edge with the metal beads. CIMG7019 centre
I made another cuff in woven beads and peyote stitch, in green and shimmering glass beads. The edges are ruffled too, because I used beads that were slightly larger than the base one. They are so fun to make. Because of its colors, I call this one Sea foam” CIMG7022CIMG7023
I’m also working on a large neck piece, back to bead embroidery. I think that remains my main love. I’m combining a lot of my favorite colors, as well as new beads I bought at the Tucson bead show. And of course, watch faces here too. Can you notice a theme? Steampunk!!!!

I used a large black agate for the cabochon, which I captured with a peyote stitch. I did the same with the large clock face and the steampunk metal button. For the rest, I'm using 15/0 seed beads, and small black bugles. It does take a long time to cover all this space with 15/0!!!


  1. Wow!!! These are amazing.
    You blow my mind with your talent :)

  2. You ARE prolific, my friend. Beautiful as always. Hugs. Karen

  3. These are gorgeous! I never did master that stitch. Maybe now that I'm not taking care of anyone I should try it again.

  4. Your jewelry and bags are gorgeous. I wish I had one of each!
    Your talent is amazing.


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  6. o wow, they're amazing! I'd say something around the clockface would be gorgeous too, but I love the piece already as it is. I do love both bead embroidery and waving, would love to learn how to do that. Reminds me I have a gorgeous heirloom I still want to show on my blog... :) Hugs and sunny day, Wendy

  7. Sea Foam is a Favorite!

    Up here is resonates an earthier dimension.

    That's the way with art, it speaks to us individually, non?

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