Fabric lace pages

What do you do in Palm Springs when there is a huge sand storm?

Yeah, closing the windows would be an option. I’ll be sure to do that next time… Duh!

Next, unless you want to sand blast the paint on your car, you stay home and you make fabric lace pages. I did have much fun. They turned out soooo romantic. They are based on heavy upholstery fabric, and there is a little hanger at the back. Or they can be used as the basis for a book or journal cover.


The images are printed on fabric, and surrounded with gorgeous laces from my vintage collection, a few vintage buttons, and some paper and fabric flowers.

CIMG7272 dCIMG7273 aCIMG7275 a

On each of my pieces, there is also a piece of vintage jewelry.

CIMG7274 b


Of course, I stay within the Paris theme, with some French text printed on fabric, and a Paris tag.


I like this one particularly, it is so soft and feminine.


These compositions measure 6.5 x 9.


I also made some smaller fabric collages, on a tag. These measure approximately 3x5.

CIMG7268 aCIMG7269 aCIMG7270CIMG7271 a

These little guys are available for sale individually in my Etsy store. The fabric collages are there too.


  1. so beautiful...........I wl be starting mine in may........still gathering some inspiration and vintage finds. ck out my blog
    hope to see you there.

  2. Beautiful as always. Dust storms are so much "fun"

  3. It's like you don't really need the excuse of a dust storm to keep you creating in your studio now
    Sox. We know it's a survival technique! Can't believe how many pages you have created! They are all
    so very "French" and I think you must have a fascination for hats at the moment. I love the images and you have embellished them so niecely with all of the colour tonings used! You must have quite a collection of fabric roses and jewellery by now to choose from. The little "tags" look so very sweet and would make a dear little book if put together too! Excellent photos!
    x Suzy

  4. I love your colours, your work is so beautiful

  5. Beautiful as always! All the layers.. all the feminine touches! I still cherish the heart I won on your giveaway. It was such a treat to have 'happy mail' when I returned home. My life is still a whirl of activity with selling and buying a home. And the moving sale... and the graduation! Can't say my life is boring! Thanks for sharing your creativity.. always fun to light upon your blog!

  6. Wow...beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. Just the inspiration I needed to get back into the swing of "creative" things.


  7. Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed purusing your lovely blog. Your creations are so very exquisite and quite inspiring! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Catherine (new follower)

  8. Gorgeous! Love the details!

  9. Oh wow, you've been quite busy! They're all stunning and gorgeous. I love the rich and warm colours you used. And the beautiful embellishments. Great job! Hugs and happy day, Wendy

  10. Absolutely beautiful as always!!!
    Hugs and enjoy the weekend my friend,
    Beth P


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