Have fun with collages


The Kindred Spirit Yahoo group has a beautiful RR, and the themes are wonderful.

Little angel: I made mine with lots of fabrics and sewing.

CIMG7040 carol angel front


Lynn’s theme is vintage Paris, with a dreamy lady remembering her wonderful time there.


For the back page, I made a digital collage, with images of Paris coming out of her head, and a quote saying: I want all of Paris.

lynn back page

This next theme is “Time for Love”. The other artists had magnificent steampunk clocks. Truly beautiful work. So, being French, I took a different take on the theme and dressed my little girl in a French maid outfit. The quote says: “It’s time for love, honey…” There is a little cupid waiting with his arrow strung.

CIMG7266 fb

For the back page, I made a digital collage of a dreamy lady, remembering days past in an old mansion. The quote says: “There’s always time for love, isn’t there?”


This last one’s theme is “quotes”. Just that day, I found this great quote on Deviant Scrap:

31 a

I made another one of my ladies with the big head piece. I seem to be quite fascinated with them.


The back page has one of my favorite image, and the quote is: “Never give up, never give up, never give up!”


The Medieval Lace Book RR


The next Medieval Lace book I was working in was Karen. Her theme is John Waterhouse’s heroines. Here are the front and back covers of the spread.


By pure coincidence I used a large piece of lace on the left side of the page, that perfectly matches the lace Karen used for the last page of her book. It will look like it was meant to be. Which of course, it was…


This is the inside left page, showing Courtly Love.


The right page is built around an image of a young lady kneeling in front of her knight in shining armor. The two pages are built on top of a beautiful piece of dyed lace, which has completely disappeared under all the embellishments. l-))

On the right page are several layers of doilies, with some chiffon to frame the image, and some guipure lace. The top trim is metal hearts and under the purple velvet is upholstery trim.

I never realized how very dark Waterhouse images are. It was a challenge to keep the page light.



I added a vintage brooch that I had in my collection, with beautiful stones that echo the colors on the page.


It seems I haven’t posted the previous pages I had done for Teri in NYC. So here they are. Her theme is Horses and Armors.

On the left page, I used a picture of a horse that actually comes from a carousel. I loved the colors. I tracked down, with a lot of help from my friend Deb who is also in this RR, a horse blanket pin. Then I aged it.

On the right, I printed some horse equipment terms in French, like Haslebarde, Bride (which is the bridle), Henaut, the helmet, Joult, (Joust), Harnais, (harness), Destrier (a form of horse) Cheval (horse) and Palefroi (a farm horse)


For the right page, I used a reporduction of the Black Prince riding armor. It was such a beautiful image. I used a belt which I had cut up and painted, to look like a bridle.




I have to admit, it is quite a superb round robin that we’re having, and the books are really turning magnificent. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of talented artists.

Fabric lace pages

What do you do in Palm Springs when there is a huge sand storm?

Yeah, closing the windows would be an option. I’ll be sure to do that next time… Duh!

Next, unless you want to sand blast the paint on your car, you stay home and you make fabric lace pages. I did have much fun. They turned out soooo romantic. They are based on heavy upholstery fabric, and there is a little hanger at the back. Or they can be used as the basis for a book or journal cover.


The images are printed on fabric, and surrounded with gorgeous laces from my vintage collection, a few vintage buttons, and some paper and fabric flowers.

CIMG7272 dCIMG7273 aCIMG7275 a

On each of my pieces, there is also a piece of vintage jewelry.

CIMG7274 b


Of course, I stay within the Paris theme, with some French text printed on fabric, and a Paris tag.


I like this one particularly, it is so soft and feminine.


These compositions measure 6.5 x 9.


I also made some smaller fabric collages, on a tag. These measure approximately 3x5.

CIMG7268 aCIMG7269 aCIMG7270CIMG7271 a

These little guys are available for sale individually in my Etsy store. The fabric collages are there too.