I’ve been studying composition, and making collages to that end. I work with the Golden Mean, outlining it.

The first two are painted on canvas boards, 16x20. The last one is canvas, 18x24






This last one just doesn’t work. Not sure why. I should try it upside down.

Five Buddhas

I have been reading Lorne Ladner’s “The Lost Art of Compassion”, as well as “Taming The Mind” by Thubten Chodron. The two books inspired me to paint Buddhas.

This first one is 28x36, on paper. It has some collage, and gold paint.


There are actually only 3 more, the 4th one, I don’t like at all. Here they are.



These are projects that I’ve been wanting to work on for months. I’m glad I finally got to experiment.

Next, I’ll be working on composition, with collage. Taking myself through my own art school, I guess.

Another kind of technique

This one is based on enlarging a photo many times, then incorporating it into a painting.

I had a picture of the boy and half the hand, so …. here it is. I added the rest, and painted it, with the earth under him, and colors I love. I’m thinking of adding a small text.

It’s quite tall, 44x18. I just received my stretcher bar from Dick Blick today, so I’ll be stretching it next.




The next two paintings are left over for the weekend, they were out drying.

CIMG4067  CIMG4069

I like this last one. Organic. Like a rock face.