Painting abstracts in Florida

After settling in Palm Springs for moments, I flew to Boca Raton for a painting workshop with the inimitable Eydi Lampasona. She teaches through the Boca Raton Museum School of Arts and she is a fabulous teacher. She is relentless, she is funny, she is loud and outrageous and the 3 days were filled with laughs, great instructions, experiments, diving in Golden products which she represents, and all in all, a very worthwhile trip.

eydi lynnIt would be a bit hard and boring to get into why I went there, let us just say that I followed my intuition, and it turned out that it was a great move.


I learned to focus on design and construction in my paintings, rather than my usual ‘stream of consciousness’ of painting all over the place with wild abandon. The operative word here is ‘wild’!!!

CIMG3832  She introduced us to the pleasures of tar gel, which makes these lovely thick and gooey lines when handled properly. I love it and will use it, discriminately, again.

CIMG3834 CIMG3835  

Being in Florida, it was a thrill to be able to paint outside, although it did get TOO WARM rather rapidly!!!! Love that… Golden products were available galore for us to play with. What a treat!


This last one really needs to be stretched. I was painting on canvas just taped to a piece of board, the easy solution for taking my work home on the plane. This one shows the ‘traditional’ composition, which I accentuated with dressmaker tissue paper. I HAVE to make it obvious for me to follow the instructions, I’m not so good at following formats and structures.

I did learn to blend my colors better, and to mix them directly on the canvas, which is great fun.

As always, it was truly inspiring to paint with others, and although the styles were immensely varied, seeing or witnessing the direction of their work helped direct my own.

The pieces below are from Jane, a view of our studio, a piece I love from beautiful lady and generous chauffeur Dee. I could have taken each of her pieces home, I love her style. The last one is from my easel partner Susan, who was going way out of her comfort zone for the duration.

CIMG3817 CIMG3825 CIMG3827 Dee CIMG3844

A most gorgeous workshop

DJ Pettit certainly put on the ritz for her workshop in Jacksonville, OR, last weekend. You be the judge:


This is what the room looked like and our work table when we came in. She had also prepared class kits in the utterly gorgeous little packages you see at the forefront. Below are some candid shots of the class and my new friends.

CIMG3694 CIMG3716 CIMG3756 DJ CIMG3757 linda and the gar CIMG3761 melody bouteaque CIMG3763 jessica karen CIMG3778susan of B&B

CIMG3786 CIMG3787 CIMG3788 CIMG3791 CIMG3793 CIMG3795 CIMG3796 CIMG3797 CIMG3801 CIMG3802 CIMG3789 CIMG3797 CIMG3804 CIMG3808 CIMG3809 Back cover


Part of the secret for a yummy book is to find luscious lace. Since the workshop was taking place in the back room of an antique store, finding lacey treasures was not so hard. Although one is always on the lookout for more finds, and if your closets are overflowing, think of me!

This book is not for sale as it is my prototype and contains images generously given to us by DJ. However, others are available. They will contain original paintings. Contact me by email: