My Lace Book is home!

6 months ago, I started a lace book Round Robin with 5 other amazing artists. My book went to Australia, thank you Suzy Quaife, you’re a gem, to Alaska to meet Karen, and braved barely sub zero temperatures. It also travelled to WI where Deb found time to do gorgeous work in the middle of many distractions, it also went to Teri in New York, who is born distracted, but created beautiful pages, and last but not least, to Liz in Oregon, where the whole crazy Lacebook scheme was concocted in her studio G. And what a prized work she did in my book.

The RR theme was: Vintage or Victorian lace. My particular take on the theme was: A young woman in Paris.

Our pages travelled loose between the covers, as I suspected the spine would always be too small for the end work.

Look at this delicious edge:


A bundle of deliciousness for sure:


Here is how I bound the individual pages, with a stripe of lace on both sides, and some thinner lace to cover the stitches.

The left page is mine, right is Deb.


This page is from Teri, hand painted, if you please.


This right page is the BACK of page from Suzy, who, like all the others, did a gorgeous work on the back of the pages. They were too beautiful to cover, so I’ve just added a bit of lace.


These are the signatures with the lace that binds them together.


And the front and back covers with the spine, before they were all attached together. I found the pearls at Michaels. I’d bought them to study the attachment, and they were perfect on the spine.


I will post the individual pages in the next post.

Our next lace book RR is about the Medieval times. I can foresee lots of beautiful velvets and illuminated pages. Yum.


It was a great pleasure to take Diane Cook’s online class Heartstrings. She taught very many fun techniques.

Here’s my first one:


That little metal and paper book is just too precious.


The head is normally made with a metal thimble. I happened to have a few wooden ones from India, which turned out perfect for this project:


And since I finally joined the 21st century, and bought an iphone, so my girlfriends can find me when we’re shopping at Joann’s, (what other reason to buy an iphone?), I had to make a pouch for it. That way, I always have my phone close by: