Post Aimone Workshop

Here are some abstract paintings I have been working on since I completed the recent Steve Aimone workshop on Vancouver Island.

Abstract expressionism is not a description of my paintings, which is what the workshop was about. Having a lot of fun painting them does apply though.


IMG_0446   IMG_0451

The next two are older canvases that I didn’t like. Before cutting them up to use them in one of my books, I gave them (and myself) a last chance. I really had nothing to lose.

IMG_0453 IMG_0452


  1. A lot of layering going on! A great result!

  2. I like the second one best in this bunch!! And the last two look a little like Miro.

  3. They are all very tactile which I love! I would hang any and all of them on my walls, but sor some reason this last one really appeals to me the most! I have to finish my painting so I can start another soon! Too many comittments! Just like a breath of fresh air seeing your work, Sanna

  4. Wow - these are just fantastic! I love the second one, its just so dream like. :)


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