Beading as meditation

I find beading intricate designs meditative. No music, no TV, just the dog in the background making little sleeping sounds.
Here is the design almost finished. Took me three days.
And the finished bracelet. Now what?

Another fabric sculpture

Yes, I just can’t help myself, I so love making these little books. The cover is made with a victorian cabinet card in the back of an aged mirror, which is aged further with a copper edging.IMG_0797

It is 5 inches thick. It contains an antique baby shoe,


some antique lace, seam bindings, doilies, wedding laceIMG_0802IMG_0814

an old baby sock, some old lace and a millinery flower.IMG_0815IMG_0816

All the ‘pages’ are also pockets and come with tags with a blank side for journaling, or recording favorite quotes. This book is available on my Etsy site.

Take two friends

What happens when two fiber artists get together?

You add a copy of Altered Couture, a large collection of doilies, unsuspecting thrift store sweaters, and voila:



The sweater was deconstructed, shortened, and the bottom part used for trimming the next. The rest is doilies, lace, and two lace cuffs scored on Ebay some time back.

Too much fun!