Fall flowers

The Marie Antoinette group I belong to has a Fall Flowers theme. We are to make 5 flowers in soft fabrics, with fall colors in mind. I will receive 5 flowers in return.

Here are my creations.


Maitri book

Another book I was quite interested in making is a very personal one. A Maitri book. It’s a devotional book for Buddhist people. It contains the Maitri prayer, as well as quotes worth remembering from Buddhist teachers and thinkers.

I had saved some gorgeous silks from India. I’ve used mostly images of my trip to India. I’m aware that I have Hindu images as well, mixing my religions.

Well, for one, Buddhism is not a religion, and next, when one is in India, it’s hard to avoid the influence of Hindu images.

The Maitri prayer?

May I be happy

And free from the sources of suffering.

May  you be happy

And free from the sources of suffering.

May we all be happy

And free from the sources of suffering.

The prayer to cultivate detachment.


Paris lace book

I had in the back of my mind to make a vintage lace book dedicated to Paris. Who best to do that than a Parisian!!!!

There are lots of blank spaces for journaling. I have included vintage images, old laces and buttons. I also got to practice my crazy quilting, inspired by the superb work Suzy Quaif keeps creating. Thank you, Suzy for pushing me to excell.

This book has 3 signatures of 4 pages each, each signature is fabric wrapped.

I stenciled the blank pages, as well as aged them.

You will also find below one of my original watercolors. Not a photocopy…


My Asia RR book

I made my own book for this RR, with a ribbon binding that is clearly explained in LK Ludwig’s Creative Wildfire book.

It’s a nifty binding in that the book opens flat, which is really handy when artists are going to work in my book.

I have made double page spreads with watercolor paper, and wrapped each page with pretty japanese papers, to take advantage of the spines showing in the binding edge.

And… drum roll, I painted the Geisha on the front cover, since I’ve been teaching myself watercolors. Why, is definitely the question, since this has to be the hardest, most meticulous form of painting I’ve encountered so far.


First page and inside cover


Left page only has one small strip, the right page has a full wrap.


Both pages only have a strip of colored paper.



Two precious books

These two little books are 8x4. They are based on a Marie Antoinette theme, which allows for lots of lace and ribbons.

Front and back:


Sample pages:



And the next one: front and inside first page:





They both already have a new owner.