Paintings with new techniques

I’ve been inspired by a wonderful book I just found at the library, Maxine Masterfield’s “Paint The Spirit of Nature”. She uses acrylic inks, which are so vibrant, and combines them on thick watercolor paper.

Here are my results for the weekend. I don’t usually paint landscapes, and I can’t say that these started out as such, but this is what some of them look like.



These first three paintings are the result of my studying the work of  Barnett Newman through an online class I’m taking with the Museum of Modern Art. I totally get Newman. I just love his work. His ‘stations of the cross’ are awesome. His work is very sparse, but intensely spiritual and very inspiring to me.

 CIMG4010 CIMG4011 CIMG4012 

So talking of spirituality, I gave myself ‘permission’ to do one from the heart.



last one if from last week. Very soft. Hard to photograph again. I love my winter studio with its perfectly white walls. I can hang all my paintings side by side, and… get a general impression of the inside of my head, I think. Very interesting. CIMG4013

Fun in the sun

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded some photos. Here is my latest work.


CIMG3898 Another oyster.

This one reminds me of Australia. Go figure.



I call this one “Conversation”.  CIMG3973

This is in “Untitled”


And finally this one, which I am still trying to photograph.   The colors on it are amazing. But it has a lot of texture and it’s just too hard to capture.