A most gorgeous workshop

DJ Pettit certainly put on the ritz for her workshop in Jacksonville, OR, last weekend. You be the judge:


This is what the room looked like and our work table when we came in. She had also prepared class kits in the utterly gorgeous little packages you see at the forefront. Below are some candid shots of the class and my new friends.

CIMG3694 CIMG3716 CIMG3756 DJ CIMG3757 linda and the gar CIMG3761 melody bouteaque CIMG3763 jessica karen CIMG3778susan of B&B

CIMG3786 CIMG3787 CIMG3788 CIMG3791 CIMG3793 CIMG3795 CIMG3796 CIMG3797 CIMG3801 CIMG3802 CIMG3789 CIMG3797 CIMG3804 CIMG3808 CIMG3809 Back cover


Part of the secret for a yummy book is to find luscious lace. Since the workshop was taking place in the back room of an antique store, finding lacey treasures was not so hard. Although one is always on the lookout for more finds, and if your closets are overflowing, think of me!

This book is not for sale as it is my prototype and contains images generously given to us by DJ. However, others are available. They will contain original paintings. Contact me by email: imagine.her@gmail.com


  1. oooh, very cool and so neat to have some of DJ's images!


  2. Exquisite! More fabulous than I imagined! You've really got a good thing going here...

  3. jUST beautiful. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful trip and learning so many lovely thing.

  4. There sure are so nice laces there. Can you show more photos of the finished book?

  5. What a beautiful book Sox!!! I love it! Love the lace and the whole vintage feel of it.

  6. Yep - it's to drool for. Thanks for sharing the visuals of the workshop as well as the delicious book. Lori from sketchbook.

  7. Sox, I've been dreaming of making something just like this from some lace I have that was on a dress my mom owned. I'm devouring these pictures and soaking up every detail. You take the most interesting classes.

  8. OH oh oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! LOVE LOVE these gorgeous lace creations! The faces with the lace... just EXQUISITELY beautiful, Sox! I LOVE old lace!!! I would have died and gone to heaven!

  9. Hi Sox! Happy New Year!! What a beautiful book! the lace is just gorgeous!

  10. Sox: Very very beautiful. Elegant in an old world way. I love this work. hugs from the rainforest.

  11. Wow these are gorgeous. beautiful artwork and love this look. I am off to follow your gorgeous blog
    Also i wanted to let you know there is a freebie on my dezinaworld blog today. its just for one day.
    have a wonderful week
    hugs June


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