These first three paintings are the result of my studying the work of  Barnett Newman through an online class I’m taking with the Museum of Modern Art. I totally get Newman. I just love his work. His ‘stations of the cross’ are awesome. His work is very sparse, but intensely spiritual and very inspiring to me.

 CIMG4010 CIMG4011 CIMG4012 

So talking of spirituality, I gave myself ‘permission’ to do one from the heart.



last one if from last week. Very soft. Hard to photograph again. I love my winter studio with its perfectly white walls. I can hang all my paintings side by side, and… get a general impression of the inside of my head, I think. Very interesting. CIMG4013


  1. Hi sox-I really like the third Barnett Neuman style. How big are these canvases?

  2. Sox - I love all of these - the last one I wish I could see in person, as I am sure the photograph doesn't really capture it. However, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one you did from the heart. It looks like an opening, an entrance to a vital place from inside of you. Amazing!

  3. Very nice Sox. Very happy :-) My favorite is the soft white one. Intriguing.

  4. Is the class online or in person? Your first painting looks joyful, Sox. and the second one allows me to see many things into it, which I always love. Wonderful. Thank you.


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