Loving this painting with wax

I guess it’s more a finish than a way to paint, but I’m enjoying the process tremendously. This one again has collage papers and script, fibers for texture, gel medium to hold things down, modeling paste around the Buddha’s head for the corolla. I used normal Golden paints, but highlighted with gold flakes and Stewart Gill alabaster flakes from ArtistCellar.

It measures 8.5 x 11, on hard board.

I just bought a mini iron to melt the wax, but I find it’s a very slow process that way, so I went back to the normal iron for setting the wax down, then used the mini iron for distributing it in the way I wanted and smoothing it out.

This is fun!

may 19


  1. Very nice!! I like the Buddha image.

  2. Sox you just keep developing and getting better. Just when I it doesn't seem like you can.

  3. love it! :D I have beeswax on my to do list and cannot wait till I can get to it! love Buddha! :D


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