Another lace book

Here is my latest. You can drool, but don’t covet, it’s already found a home. It’s going to France, where all the cabinet cards come from.

I just discovered that it’s not that easy to photograph lace, because it doesn’t have much contrast.

When I started this book, I worried it wouldn’t be ‘thick enough’. I had 3 signatures of 4 double pages each. They look like nothing on my studio table. But after a week of painting and filling up with lace, I had to remove one of the signatures, because the book was becoming really outrageous. It’s still 3 inches thick, and full of lusciousness.

You be the judge!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! What a fabulous idea and I can see how much love and time you put into this lovely work of art..Wish it was coming to me..LOL

  2. Hello Sox,

    I think I'm going to dig out all my lace and send it to you to make me such a book !! It's a great idea to use all that lace that is so precious but now tucked away in drawers, to use it and give it a display thanks to this book !

    The reciever has a precious treasure in her hand !

    greetings from belgium

  3. Sox, your work with fabric and lace truly inspires me. After receiving your "inspiration card" I have been looking for fabrics and images to try my own version. (I used yours as a journal book cover.) I have all my materials and I'm ready to get started. Thanks so much.

  4. Your lace journal is amazing, lovely pages :)

  5. Oh YUM!! These books are so gorgeous!!!

  6. Just beautiful,sox!!whoever is getting it is so lucky!
    Please tell me about how u did the hummingbirds...transfers??
    Again,great work!

  7. Like everything you do my friend, it's hard not to covet!!! LOL!! Beautiful work Sox!

  8. You have done yourself proud AGAIN! This is a truly beautiful work - it is GORGEOUS! These journals really grow on your and are hard to leave alone whilst creating. You must have a very beautiful collection of laces and doilies
    Sox! A great achievement - I know just how many hours work go into these.
    Happiness and hugs,

  9. incredable Sox... i love what you did with this book
    i am inspired to try this combination


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