I did paint too!

I’ve worked on several paintings this past month too. Here they are.

This first one gave me a lot of trouble, and has many layers, a deep history.


This one I did while visiting with a friend in her studio. I think I was influenced by her style. (don’t I wish) I hadn’t painted for a while and it was a relief to start on something, even if under the influence.


This next one feels very galactic. I finished it with leveling gel. I’m not sure I’ll do that again. I find it very unlevel, for being levelling. Not worse the time or hassle. Or expense.


‘This one is the result of a demonstration of various techniques for a friend. These are very fun for me to make.


This one is possibly still in process. I’m not too happy with the left side, so dark. I started with random texture on the canvas, and went from there. Many,  many layers here too.


And finally, an exercise, influenced by the work of Anne Bagby. I cut stencils, cut my own rubber stamps, stained tissue papers, and applied all (it seems) to create interesting surfaces. Then I repeated the process on canvas, with the help of a Botticelli reader.



  1. I love the top one. Love love love it! So deep - reminds me of a forest (with some fairies flitting around). It is just superb!

  2. Keep pushing forward or the edge or what ever you call it. I think the real value of making art is the practice of it. Not much unexamined or left uncovered when it is a daily practice. I enjoy your work/process very much. Lori de Froup Lori W at Art Camp for Women


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