Many projects

 I took my first ever embroidery class, where we were learning to make little samplers such as the one above.

I made a little embroidered purse, based on the online beading class I took at Joggles, based on a pdf. Not the best way to learn...  I sent it to my sister for her birthday.

Following on the October beading class I took, I just finished a bracelet. It's based on a design by Sherry Serafini from her gorgeous book.
Here are some details. It took about 4 days. CIMG4927
Then I made a brooch. That was faster, being smaller. Smile)


But one can’t be beading all day long.
I also made two pages (huh, couldn’t stop at 2, made 4…) in the Asia Round Robin I’m involved in. I played with my new sewing machine, embroidered the geisha’s hair. Endless fun!
This is the extra two pages, on the reverse side.
The gorgeous little girl is one of the Chinese unwanted girls who are sent to the orphanage, because they are girls. Wonder what will happen when all the remaining boys come of age, and there are no Chinese females around. Hummm…CIMG4881

Then I joined a tag swap, theme vintage dressform in Paris, I had so much fun with that one. There were 15 participants, and we traded tags, fabric and lace. Here is the front cover.
I decorated some of the pages without tags, because not all the participants had their tags ready by the due date.


  1. OMG Girlfriend... it's ALL gorgeous and I'm going to steal that bracelet! That is one amazing piece of beadwork! Holy cow you are going to town and your beadwork is totally amazing! I think we need to break away from shopping a little early and have a little beading class next time you are in town.... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Another fav right up there with those lace journals.!

  2. Wow! Where do I start?! First.. It's about time you posted something!!! The beading is just amazing! I've always wanted to learn but don't know that I would have the patience for it. Your tag book is totally fabulous! I haven't had a chance to even start mine! Now... I have to think hard about how to tell you how totally amazing your Asian pages are!!! Words fail me! Seriously my friend - they are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow Sox there is so much beauty to look at here!
    Your beadwork is incredible - sampler, bag and brooch! So many hours here girl! Stunning!
    Love your tag book - love the way you have decorated your pages with so many bits and pieces and so much colour - FANTASTIC!
    Love it all!
    Big hugs,

  4. All lovely! I couldnt possibly bead God gave me ten thumbs and NO patience! I love what you have done!

  5. I'm in LOVE with your beading, Sox. Did you learn that from the joggles class or something in person? I'd like to try something like that.

    Your fabric books looks fabulous. Just absolutely love your work.

  6. Awesome. Your work just continues to amaze me. I'd like to know too about the beading and embroidery classes. I'd love to make things like that or at least somewhat as good.

  7. In answer to your questions about the beading class, I took one class on Joggles. Very, very basic, just a pdf. Then I took one class on Vancouver Island, where I learned to make the mini-quilts as in the first photo. That's it. then I bought Sherry Serafini's book, and followed her directions. Her designs are spectacular. Once you've made one (or several), you get to gist of her thinking, and you can make your own designs. :-)) Voila!

  8. Sox - great job. I have loved Serafini's work for years and ended up taking an "Athabaskan" class from Delores Sloan in ANC several years ago, which is similar bead embroidery, just not as free-style. Takes hours, girl; and, I know! Beautiful work. You are prolific. The fabric books are what I aspire 1/2 to - hugs. kareninkenai

  9. Wonderful work. I look forward to seeing your embroidery. The SS pieces are great. I love her work and books.


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