I did manage to send my 3 submissions to the Art House Project for the One Color project. I had picked blue, red, and yellow. They are 9x12. The idea was to express each of the color singly on a canvas within our normal way of working. The first one is an older one, using lots of gel medium for texture, and cheese cloth.

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The one above is made with alcohol inks, built over layers of napkins and gel medium. That's a technique I love. 

This one is made only with collage elements, except for the centre bottom, which has a napkin covered with medium. I tried to incorporate the principles of design I'm learning on an online class I'm taking with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen, Complex Collage.

I prepare two thread spools with poetry, based on the design by Kelli Perkins. It had seen the designs on Kelli's blog, and suggested to the wonderful ladies in my Yahoo group that we do a swap. Messy job, all this dyeing of spools and muslin in alcohol inks.

The first poem reads: Night and once again, the while I wait for you, cold wind turns to rain.

While I was at it, with all the lace and ribbons floating around, I upgraded a pair of shoes that has seen better days. Now, they're fun house shoes. Of course, Mr Paul is involved in all the projects.

I am doing an online class with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen. It's called Complex collage, and they're showing how to prepare backgrounds with layers of paint and collage pieces underneath.

I don't know yet what we'll do with these backgrounds. Incorporate more collage,  most likely. We're only on lesson 8 of 18. The two below are a study in monochromatic hues. I can see that the left one needs more white. Coming up.


  1. Such amazing work! I finally got some alcohol inks, just need to find time to play with them.

  2. Wow--where to start--so many things to comment on. I love the red background on the Frida collage (and not because of Frida) the red is great! The pink canvas for Juli and Chris's class is beautiful!! Love your decorated shoes and that darling Mr. Paul and I like the poem about the cold rain!!

  3. Wow Sox, you've been busy! Your thread spools are gorgeously frou frou as are your shoes. (Any inspiration from Marie?) I love the poetry on them too. I am in love with your "blue" color picture, probably because it's my fav color :-) The yellow has such gorgeous texture too. Your background collages are beautiful too. I see a rose in the pink one. I can't wait to see what she has you do to them next. It looks like a great class. (I can't believe I haven't even started on my class yet and I've been signed up for a few weeks now, eek.)

  4. You HAVE been busy and productive, Sox! Like Janet, it's hard to know where to start! I absolutely love the 3 pieces you did for Art House, especially the blue one. All your background work pieces you did for that class are very intriguing. Can't wait to see what you do next with them.

    Mr Paul is as cute as can be. I just want to cuddle him. LOL.

    Of course your spools are so rich and amazing. I'll bet they are even more gorgeous in person!

    Your art is always interesting and so varied! Thanks for sharing it (and yourself) with us.

  5. Beautiful work! I really like the red collage you have here!

  6. WONDERFUL inspiration Sox! I love those textures! I am so jealous you are taking that class... I have been a fan of thiers for so long.
    Can't wait to see what else you create.
    Much Love


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