Marie-Antoinette altered book

I have been altering a small scrapbook folder with a Marie Antoinette theme with my Yahoo group, the Sketchbook Project.

The small folder is 8 x 8 and has 3 flaps like a legal or accounting folder. It comes blank and every bit of it can be decorated. Above is the front cover, with the pearl buttons used for the closure. I've had fun adding tassels, pearls and dooh dahs, which is the whole point of a Marie Antoinette anything: the opulence, the silks, the pastel colors, anything frou frou and over the top, fit for a Queen.

I added some ribbons to use for closing the book, so that if it becomes quite thick after being altered by my Round Robin partners, there is plenty of slack to keep it shut.

The inside cover contains a little pocket to add 'stuff'. I'm using mine to put in a mask, since my theme is "A Masked Ball", as well as an invitation to the ball, and a card for my partners to sign with their information (email).

This next photo shows the scrapbook aspect of the folder, where the little pages overlap and are lifted as in a photo album to reveal their content. The flaps are expandable to accommodate all the Marie inspired additions, such as lace, ribbons, buttons, and ....

This picture above shows the back cover, with lace, and the Queen patiently waiting for her party to commence.


  1. Love your book!! I can hardly wait to get my folder so I can get started!!!

  2. How absolutely frou frou and gorgeous! Can't wait to start decorating mine, and so see more of your pages decorated!!

  3. It's simply gorgeous! Ok. I'm intimidated already. I received my blank plain little folder today :-) I don't even know where to start...

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