Altered books on three different themes

I am catchign up on my round robin commitments.

I completed one Marie Antoinette theme, "the queen's designer". I was looking for a fashion parade, then one thing led to another, here's the results. The left page is the invitation to the defile de mode.

The little purses are actually erasers, which I have decorated.

The next RR book I completed is another Marie Antoinette, this one for my Sketchbook project RR. Carol;s theme was 'Sensual Pleasures". Since I am the last one to work in the book, many 'pleasures' had already be included. I wanted to remain in the realm of decency, so I got the idea that being in Queen and adored by her public (for a while) would have been quite a (physical) sensation:

Marie and Louis in all their finery.

Finally, the last RR is finished for now is on Friday Kahlo, the mexican painter. The theme is broad: just include Frida. Her pages were already covered in gesso, so I just painted the background. On the left page, I used a rubber stamp with a mexican theme, and an ear-ring that seemed to echo the outrageous jewelry Frida fancied.

On the right page, I found a photogragh of her which I mounted on a letter that she wrote to a lover, some mexican colored fabrics and a bit of coffee-stained cheesecloth.

I added some hanging beads, because I love that look. The stencil is my sign in card.


  1. Your Frida paages llok great and I love the pages you did for Carols Marie!!

  2. They all look fabulous Sox. I love that cheesecloth over the picture... my favorite :-) As for the THREE RR's... you're pretty crazy but that's why we love you. LOL.

  3. Love the textures you've got with the Frida pages :)

  4. Love all 3, but I want to try the cheesecloth method myself. Your talent is just such an inspiration to me.

  5. Beautiful pages...and loving the assemblage and the textures...


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