Gothic arches

It's true, I'm an addict. I'm addicted to swapping art and small pieces of artwork with my internet friends.
Hi, my name is Sox, and I'm a swap addict.

I just signed up with the TreasureArtTrend group to  make some gothic arches. We are 14 in the group, so we make 14, send them off and will receive 14 back! The format is 4x4, to make a chunky Fat Book.

Here is mine. We were to incorporate a woman and a bird. And an arch!

Here is the back. It's always nice to make the back pretty as well, since it will be visible in the Fat Book. I used a stencil and spray paint. Love it! Thanks, Mary Ann Moss, for turning me on to spray paint.


  1. They look great Sox! So will all the pages you get back be the same gothic arch shape? That will be an awesome book!

  2. I like these! So do you make all 14 th smae?

  3. Sorry--up to my old typing tricks again!! LOL

  4. I came I looked I loved. Lori from sketchbook...I'm with Janet, you make 14 all the smae?


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