Travel book

My beautiful friend is away to Hawaii for 4 (or 5) months.

How could I let her go without a journal of her own, with lots of watercolor paper and pages to record her thoughts.

It had to have a travel bag, to survive the many moves.


This book is a combination of various techniques I learned, or have just seen and yearned to experiment with. I stand on the shoulders of such giants at Mary Ann Moss, DJ Pettitt, whom I will meet in January, and with whom I will take a class, Albie Smith, and my own craziness.

I’ve included bits of failed paintings, found lace and jewelry from my favorite thriftstore, and recently, bits of a wedding gown.


  1. What a lucky friend...Hawaii and a book made by you. Gorgeous.

  2. This book is sooo me it should be on its way to Australia!WONDERFUL!

  3. I agree..what a lucky friend and what a lucky friend to have you as a friendxxx lt is a beautiful journal.x lynda


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