Painting on a snowy day

What else is there to do? No electricity for most of the day, no phone, no internet. But a woodstove in my studio. Easy conclusion right? That’s what I said too. 

I played with my FW acrylic inks, and Tim Holtz distress reinkers. I was curious if I could pull a large painting with the same technique I use on smaller formats. It was a great day!

The first one is 30x20 and on top of a previous acrylic painting that I didn’t like. I had obliterated so much, there was mainly a pale gesso background left over. So off I went with lots of texture and inks. A new life!



The next three are smaller, small canvases that I had and was not happy with. It must have been a day to recycle. Fiery colors on a blank snowy day on Vancouver Island.

 IMG_0457  IMG_0461










I’ll keep working on this last one. It will end up with some trees and an asian person from the back. It has that sort of feel.


A wonderful day!


  1. Snow? Oh dear... it suits you well though. These are fantastic! And all with inks and reinkers? My favorite is the second one with the first one coming a close second. Fabulous depth of color and texture!

  2. Sox--love numbers 1 and three! Especially the first one-yum!! Snow--ICK!!!!

  3. I love all 4 for different reasons, but I think my favorite is the 4th one. This one intrigues me and it feels like there is more to express here, so I am glad to hear that you plan on working on it some more. Love the intensity of colors and the negative space of the dark (black?) at the bottom. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  4. Your studio sounds lovely and cosy with a wood burner you lucky thing. Love all the colour and texture you've got in your work, just lovely :)

  5. Snow is a wonderful excuse to stay in and relax. I particularly enjoy the unexpected when working with layers and when looking at them as well. I see so many things emerging in the layers of your paintings, which can only happen when you allow them to grow as you have. I hope you will let us know when you have put the finishing touches on them!

  6. We have rain. Not as cold as snow but plenty cold for me. I love the third one. At first it drew me in and then the "blocks" seemed to come out of the painting. One of those optical illusions. Fascinating.

  7. I tried some abstracts the other day, but side tracked in the middle of them. They are on my blog if you want to see. I can see the "same" forms in a couple of yours here too!


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