Entries for Lace Books

I have completed pages for several Lace Books in the RR.

The first theme is “A stich in time”


This one is made with fabric paper. I always wanted to try that. I used very diluted ModPodge on top of muslin, then added pattern tissue paper on top. It still remained flexible enough to be sewn.

CIMG5647CIMG5648My friend who’s book this is is a Taurus. It was a lucky find to have a clothes tag with ‘Taurus Home".

I added bead embroidery on this one, and the dress is made of tiny pieces of fabric, since my friend is quite the quilter.


The next theme is “1920 Jazz”. I found an article describing the Flapper girl, which is printed on fabric and used as a background. I also an image of two crazy girls dancing on a beam in NYC, so I super-imposed it on a page of music in Photoshop, and added a flapper brooch which I trimmed in bead embroidery.


The next page is a happy, dancing flapper paper doll, which I made from scratch. Not  my specialty, but it came out OK. What a crazy time that era was.


This shows the edge of this Lace Book, with all the deliciousness falling out of it. CIMG5687

The next theme is “Madonna”. I was bent on making a triptych. This is it, closed.


The inside, with a gorgeous face by Boticelli. The frame originally had another face inside, but Photoshop came to the rescue. It is lined with lame gold fabric, and heavily machine-embroidered.


This is the back of it. I embroidered the bottom brooch, and it felt suited for the Madonna theme.



  1. These are all so amazing. I wish I could sit and watch you work on them. I don't have a clue how you do all this.

  2. Gorgeous tryptch! and I love the dancing flapper!

  3. These are all beautiful, Sox. You have done amazing and creative work with all of them. Thank you for your generous heart in formulating the RR and allowing us to participate. It is an enriching experience.


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