Fabric journal Round Robin

Here are my pages for the fabric journal Round Robin. The theme is Vintage lace. I picked “A young woman in Paris”.

My great-grand mother was a hat-maker in Paris around the turn of the century, and it seemed a fitting theme for this vintage lace.

Here is the front cover:


The inside front cover:CIMG4988

I made a tag to explain my theme, with a picture of my own great-grand-mother:


We were to make the covers, and one set of pages, front and back. Our journals will travel around the US and to Australia, so we didn’t bind our pages to keep the weight to a minimum. These are my pages:



This is the inside of the back cover:


This is the back cover.


Can you tell that this is going to be a gorgeous Round Robin. All the artists involved are amazing. I cannot wait to see what they’ll do in my book.

And I so look forward to working in their books. Some of the other themes are: “A stitch in time”, “Vintage Gypsy”, “couples”, and more.


  1. O wow Sox That is just amazing
    Soooo. Beautiful

  2. beautiful, as always! Thanks for sharing! :))

  3. Oh boy. There's a high ante on this one. Looks fabulous! Which lovely lady is your grandmother?

  4. Awesome Work! Great to have a grandmother with such a history! Makes it even more special with her photo too! I have enjoyed your previous posts too, so simply had to follow your blog:)

  5. How lucky you are to have the photo of your great-grandmother and know about her. The book is gorgeous and I'm sure she would be proud.

  6. This is fabulous Sox! I would not know where to START to make something like this!

  7. Darn, Sox -- you are two weeks ahead of yourself! How can we ever keep up! LOL - these are gorgeous - right on, Teri - "quite a high bar"... Beautiful, Sox. Karen

  8. Oh such lush and lavish pages of lace! Love all the French labels and tiny embellishments Sox.
    It's all looking so gorgeous and inspirational!
    A wonderful way to finish off a very creative year and start a whole new round robin of lacebook journals in the New Year.
    I'm glad to be on board!

  9. And it's easy to see from where you derive so much of your inspiration with a great grand-mother as a hat milliner! That is a lovely tag you have made to honour her!

  10. This book is lovely! Every page is full of eye candy! Well done!

  11. So lovely, Sox, your work is exquisite, as is your Grandmother's photo. Loved hearing that she was a hat maker, too. Bravo! XXO Gina G

  12. Ooh la la! So french and feminine, lacey and vintage! I want to see it when it comes home! Just a beautiful job you have done, Sox!

  13. Delightful! Thanks for sharing at altered book group.
    Cc in WI

  14. Tu es artiste extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Looks Beautiful! You look like you are keeping very busy!

  16. Wow, a hatmaker in the family! How cool!!!

    I'm in Serena's class with you, but I haven't completed any paintings yet. Hope to do so by the weekend.

    If you're interested in hats, you might like to see some pics from the hat exhibit I guest curated this past fall.

    See you in class!


  17. Oops...it would help if I included the link.



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