Art and Soul retreat

Las Vegas might seem like an unlikely location for an art retreat, but no matter, on my second day of the retreat, I have to say it's a complete success. 
Yesterday, I learned to work with faux bone, use a bench saw and all sorts of techniques that I'm sure will come in handy. Rober Dancik was a fine instructor, and his own work is simply amazing. I now know several ways to make a hinge, you never know when you need a hinge. 

And just in case I need a hinge, I learned another way to make one today in a fantastic class with Thomas Ashman. We made tiny glass and copper journals. I totally adored it. 

I must admit there was a time towards the end when the glass had to be fitted between fiddly bits of tin and held by a zillion rivets and bolts when 4-letter words might have been heard from my direction, and I really thought that tin was going to win.
But... patience, success, advice, a few tricks, and voila....
Front and back of  my own. 

Here we are at the Bally's casino, with torches, volatile chemicals, and it was just a blast. Well, it wasn't, we dind't blow ourselves up, but you know what I mean.

Below are Thomas the Black Sheep's own work:


Just gorgeous, aged, funky looking books. I still have to add the charms to mine, I'll be doing that tonight. 

Completely satisfied with this workshop.
Tomorrow, I'll be more in my comfort zone, back to painting in various forms.


  1. These books are going to be real treasures!
    best wishes,
    Jane C

  2. Awesome! That sounds like it was a pretty wild class...

  3. Stunning. Read your news on the Yahoo group and had to pop over. TFS.

  4. Great job! I took a class with him and made a book like the one third from the bottom that has the solid metal cover. I loved the class and have my book proudly displayed in my studio. :)

    Christy Grant

    Love your blog's look, too, btw!

  5. Gorgeous! It must feel really good to work with glass and metal.Your little journal is beautiful!

  6. Wow! These books are amazing, as is yours. I can't even imagine making such a thing--makes my fingers hurt to look at it!!!

  7. Absolutely stunning. These books are worth every bad word you uttered.

  8. These books are fabulous, Sox...what an amazing project and you have mastered it well. You are brave! I assume you were distressing the metals with the torch? As always, your work is so excellent. Hope all is well. Hugs, Gayle.

  9. Very nice. I am too afraid of the tools and materials to ever sign up for a class like this but you did a terrific job of it. Hope the rest of your retreat was as fulfilling.

  10. Those are very cool looking. Love the heavy metal look. They kinda have steampunk potential too!

  11. Sox;
    These are so funky and awesome. I love the way they look! Glad you are having fun!

  12. Sox,
    These are beautiful!! Looks very complicated!
    Hope you have time to do some gambling while you're there!!

  13. I love metal books! yours are incredible!! I'm going to try to make one myself....actually my book learning was going this way......then I got sidetracked!
    just beautiful!


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