Is it a sculpture?

I made a fabric ‘book’ following a class with Joanna Pierotti. I am not sure if it still qualifies as a book, or whether it’s a soft sculpture.

Either way, it’s pretty outrageous. I just love all that lace and fabrics and stuff, sticking out everywhere.

It starts with an altered mirror, created from scratch, with lots of soldering on copper sheeting.

The binding is an interesting adaptation. Most pages are designed as ‘pockets’, but since I don’t have stunning ideas of what to put in the pockets, a lot of them are just displaying lace and baby clothes.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here goes. Lots of photos.


Here’s the spine, and the binding method:


Each page is sewn with a ribbon to those little metal hooks off the spine. CIMG6600CIMG6601

Inside ‘pages’


This is a real nest that came with me all the way from Canada:


This beautiful pink purse on the right page was made by my sister. Joanna suggested this way to incorporate it into my book. Now, it’s a pocket in the fold, plus inside the zipper at the top, as its original purpose. CIMG6603CIMG6604

Yes, this is a baby sock on the right page. CIMG6606

And a glove on the left page, with a pair of sweet ice skates for a doll, gifted by my dear friend Liz.



The back cover, also based on altering a  mirror.



That’s about as outrageous as I’ve ever made a book/sculpture, and I had a ball. I will be making many others, I just love the process. I purchased some antique christening gowns, and lots of antique lace, just for this purpose. Needed an excuse, you know…


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful creation you have made. Makes me smile big. I'm so proud that you finished it. I am going to make the videos, as I have several to do, but should be up in the next week or two. I will let you know when they are up but I don't think you need them. You did perfect!!! Thanks for sharing Socrates and thank you for taking my workshop.

  2. What a wonderful book to complete from a workshop, indeed. Kudos to both you and JoAnnA... There is so much to look at and know that the original is very tactile, indeed. Would love to get my "fingers" on it! LOL. Beautiful book, Sox. You just take right off and it is fabulous. Karen

  3. Outrageous? Dunno about that. Magnifique? Oh yeah.

  4. Thats what I call Chunky! Great Work!

  5. Yes Sox you certainly did perfect!!!!
    Superb job! Love the metal cover and hooked hinges for ribbon for ribbon binding!
    Lots dear little pockets and ribbons everywhere and, of course, a girl can't have too much lace in her book now can she?
    If only I could see it up close and personal!
    Will catch up soon!
    x Suzy

  6. Oh my gosh, this is a gorgeous book! Each of the pages is beautiful the cover is stunning.


  7. Wow Sox -- that's incredible!! I am currently working on mine. I have been accumulating things to put inside, and seeing yours has totally inspired me to get going. Love love love it.

  8. really love your new book!! Fabulous!!!Hugs

  9. Lovely bundle of visual and tactile art!
    The metal and mirrors are fantastic, playing with the fabrics and laces .....each part making the other stronger!

  10. Lovely bundle of visual and tactile art!
    The metal and mirrors are fantastic, playing with the fabrics and laces .....each part making the other stronger!

  11. What an absolutely fantastic book! Sox, you did a wonderful job. I wanna take the same workshop !!!
    Lois K

  12. This is a wonderful book. I am sure I could justkeep looking at it and find lots of other things. Great idea to add the baby items whole.



  13. Absolutely love your fabric sculpture !! It's really beautiful.
    Hope to be back many times!! Signed in as a follower.
    Found you via GYB Party.

    Shabby Royale.


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