Another happy acrylic painting

I'm blowing my own horn, I'm really happy with this one. I just like the gentle colors and all the various bits of ephemera that are included.

I used a cheap canvas that I found at a thrift store and covered it with wall paint undercoat. It's latex, and it has a tendency to run, and it also crackled when I applied the heat gun. Love it.

It's another big one (for me) 24x16. I'm using several stencils, and they turned out well.. Stencils with spray paint are just too cold to do outside for this time of year in Canada, so I'll limit myself to the ones I can do indoors with thick body acrylic paint. I found also that Golden Molding Paste is awesome for making raised stencils and giving body.

Here's a detail. The blue on the left started really badly. It was really strong and I didn't' know what to do with it. I had just watched a Bob Burridge video on Youtube, and he uses up his paint from his palette on his paintings. No waste. I had a big amount of Golden Thick Titan Buff, so I used it to mute the blue and that worked!!!! Yeah for mistakes.

The profile of the girl just wouldn't stay flat with the Golden Matte Medium I used. So... no problems, I emphasized the wrinkles and rubbed them with nickel azo gold. That worked too.

Here's a detail with the Golden Molding Paste:

And this little spot. It's right smack in the middle at the top, and I just love the colors.

Thanks for your comments, and your visit. They mean a lot to me.


  1. Sox,

    I love this one and really appreciate the close ups and the in depth info.

    It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.


  2. Wow Sox. I really like this one too. the muted colors really go well together. And the texture is awesome. Especially that area the third picture down, with the molding paste? I think you have a right to toot your own horn! And what a HUGE canvas, LOL.

  3. This is absolutely fabulous... I love it and you are quite right to toot about it.. well done...xoxo

  4. I wish i could see your paintings in person!! Love the colors and textures on this one! Keep on rolling!!

  5. I really love this - all the textures and soft colors. It makes me want to see it in person up close and touch it. Nice work!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is beautiful. I especially like the design you got with the molding paste.

    I thank you for your blog and your sharing. I took Suzi Blu's class because I liked your faces. Have you seen Mystele's? Seems like all my favorite bloggers know each other.

    Thanks again for your inspirations and for sharing your classes with us.

  7. This is beautiful Sox! I didn't notice the profile image until I enlarged the image and then it was like seeing a ghost in the picture! Wonderful effect! Great colors and textures.

  8. Beautiful, I luv the colors and texures too. makes me want to get out the acrylics and molding paste and start something new....

    thanks for sharing 'again'

  9. Sox,
    I love this one. The layers just keep going. I really appreciate the closeups and comments. They bring it out of the computer screen and make it more real.

  10. Sox, this is beautiful! I love the textures of the molding paste.

  11. In the bottom section, it looks like there is a bird flying out toward the right.

  12. Hi Sox...Thanks for joining my followers list as well. I love seeing your beautiful art pieces..very inspiring. I have entered you in the OWOH giveaway. You do not have to have joined the list, you just need to have a blog, which you certainly do. So, good luck. I tried to access the url you gave me but was unable to get to it...some weird pop up just kept coming up. Hugs, Gayle (A.R.T. & Blog friend)


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