Hawaii Round Robin

This Round Robin has been going on for over a year. It wasn’t really a Round robin, in that all the artists had to send their pages to the hostess in Hawaii, who added the art to each book. Our books should be home by summer.

We basically had to work sight unseen, and that was indeed a challenge. Here are my last two entries.

The first theme was “Cat and Mouse”.


I used real hair evidence of the mouse, but it’s dog hair, since the cat already ate the mouse.


And my last theme was to friend Lorena. “Found Objects”


I made a ‘posey” if that’s what it’s called, an assemblage of various found objects, and mounted them on various pieces of lace, doilie, canvas and cloth. It can be used mounted on a pin, or as a cuff. It’s the shabby chic version of ‘Found Objects”. I hope Lorena likes grunge.


  1. So, that cat is either very, very happy or very, very dead. Love the posey!

  2. How lucky for Lorena your cat did not hide the mouse or she might have had a petrified one!

  3. I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the posey and so happy that it's mine, all MINE to cherish and admire for years to come! What a precious gift you have shared with me, Sox--THANK YOU!

  4. These are so different then what you've been doing but I love them too. Maybe more. What a great posey.

  5. I don't know about Lorena but I love the grunge! And your sense of humor tickled me. :)

  6. Yeh that cat looks like it's been executed!!!! quite dead in fact!!!
    Love the grungey found objects posey!!!

  7. Your site is so intriguing. I love the textile art and the journal pages. They are exquisite. I am your newest follower #170. That sounds like a lucky number, so. . . please accept my warm invitation to visit and hopefully to follow my blog, too . . . have a wonderful weekend. Connie :)


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