It was a great pleasure to take Diane Cook’s online class Heartstrings. She taught very many fun techniques.

Here’s my first one:


That little metal and paper book is just too precious.


The head is normally made with a metal thimble. I happened to have a few wooden ones from India, which turned out perfect for this project:


And since I finally joined the 21st century, and bought an iphone, so my girlfriends can find me when we’re shopping at Joann’s, (what other reason to buy an iphone?), I had to make a pouch for it. That way, I always have my phone close by:



  1. Sumptuous laze and a super class.

  2. What a beautiful heartstrings and I love your thimble; hoping to get mine patina'd this weekend... obligations just keep cropping up. Your embellishments are wonderful. AND, do I recognize that background; brings warm/fond memories of my Mom - so glad you are creative... Love your iPhone caddy also - can see you wearing it. We can Face-to-Face now I am sure. Did you get the regular iPhone or the iPhone4 - I am ready to "renew" so am waiting to see what the new one brings. Hugs and love. K

    1. PS - Sox, I put a photo up of the beginning of my heartstrings - come take a look see! Smiles.

  3. Just beautiful Heart Strings here! Love that Indian bead and looks like you might have used seam binding and cheesecloth.
    Talk more when not rushing!
    x Suzy

  4. Ooooh I love the iPhone holder. It's totally you!


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