A Medieval inspired lace book

I started a  new Round Robin, with the theme of Middle Ages, as in Medieval,  not OUR middle ages…

My specific theme is Illuminated Letters. I have a fascination for all that gorgeous detail work. This is the front cover:


For the spine, I use a binding I learned from Joanna Pierotti this summer. The spine part is free, attached with ribbons to the front and back. Then the signatures will be sewn into the ribbons as well.


Inside front page, with a leaf pocket:


Inside back cover:


We’re each making a double page as well, before sending our book out. This is the outside, slightly decorated so we don’t look at a blank page. I quilted the silk and added some beads:


This is the double spread, on the left, Alexander the Great. At the moment, there is a large piece of silk rope holding the pages in place, just because it looked great. But I really want to show my RR partners the ribbon binding, it’s really very nifty, particularly in a RR, when you never know how thick your pages will end up being:



Back cover:



  1. Gorgeous, as always. Great theme, too. I look forward to learning all about the ribbon binding, even though I'm not in this group. :)

  2. Your work is so inspiring! So much detail here to love - and that spine? Fabulous!

  3. What an opulent book! This is a treat for the eyes, and it's so full of rich texture that I want to reach out and touch it. The ribbon spine looks like the solution to creating journals in anticipation of thick signatures. Thanks for aharing these great photos of your amazing creation.

  4. So beautiful is it all fabric or pictures added to the fabric


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