Lace page tutorial AND a giveaway

Here is the promised tutorial on how I put together a lace page. Now there are many ways to create a beautiful page, and you will add your own touch to your creations. This is just the way I do it. Here is the finished page we will be making: IMG_0898
Start with a piece of heavy fabric, such as upholstery or canvas as your support page.
Next, position a piece of lighter fabric which will serve as a background for your image. It’s most likely it will disappear after you’re finished with all the embellishments.
Check the size and position of your image, which you have already printed on fabric.
I like to use scrim, or cheesecloth. You can age it in coffee or tea, or leave it natural.
Next, I add a doilie from my collection. I put it in the back of the fabric background, behind the image and scrim.
At this stage, some would probably want to start sewing. I start testing the embellishments I might use, so I can sew more pieces at once. I  let the colors from the image guide me in my choice of fabrics and flowers. Here, I’ve added a fabric flower, a piece of velvet fabric from an old scarf, and a piece of letters on fabric. I have a soft spot for any script on fabric.
I’ve decided to add another piece of lace at the bottom. It’s actually a linen handkerchief that was lined with lace.
I’ve added a bit of khaky lace on the left, gifted by beautiful lady Suzy Quaife. I have a soft spot for that lace.
I like to frame the bottom of the image with a piece of lace and a bit of decoration. It keeps the eye traveling within the picture.
Following that same reason, I cut a piece of doilie and add it to the right side of the image.
Here’s what the image looks like:
I’ve added another piece of doilie at the bottom, because… more is better, right? Then it’s off to the sewing machine to capture all the pieces together. I like to use a contrasting thread, but using a matching color would work beautifully too. I sew around the image, then I sew around the background fabric. That way, most of the laces and doilies are captured at once. I tend to add some stitches on the bottom lace, just to be sure that everything is tacked down.
Now, I go to my stash of embellishments, starting with the buttons.
I admit to glueing the buttons down, and some of the embellishments. Sewing them on would probably be more ‘proper’. A trick to keep your ever fabulous and wonderful Aileene’s Tacky Glue flowing: store it upside down in a bottle or, as I do, because I’m French, in a champagne glass. A French woman should always have champagne around. Or at least a glass of champagne…
I like to use Tacky Glue because it dries rather fast, and it dries clear. And in my experience, it really holds lots of heavy embellishments. Hard worker, that glue.
I like to decorate with buttons, as you can see on the pictures.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Do leave me a comment, and email me if you have questions.
If you don’t have all the lace you need, or no pictures printed on fabric, you can find a complete kit, all ready to go following these instructions here.

And just because it was Valentine’s Day, and because it was my birthday, and really because I feel like it, I’ve made a little heart to give away to one of you. Just leave me a comment, and I will draw a name on February 28, since there is one this year!!!!


  1. Je suis la première, donc je gagne, n'est-ce pas?!?!?
    En tout cas, j'adore ce petit cœur!!!!!!!
    ET ta leçon, merci!
    Bisous, Sue

  2. This was wonderful! A thoroughly enjoyable tutorial and I learned a lot, thank you. The tip about glue was good; it's always a mess to try and get it flowing. Love your they say in the South and thanks!

  3. I loved reading your's great to see your thought process. I agree, more is definitely better.
    I love your champagne glass for your glue. Since I'm from Wisconsin and keep more than one type of glue upside down, maybe I should put mine in a beer glass? (lol) I have an antique on that was my grandpa's and I think it may find it's way to my desk tonight.
    Love your work!

  4. OMGosh! Thank you so much for the tutorial... I can't wait to go make some pages! I love that button collection and I bet those are just your white buttons, LOL! Late Happy Birthday and you are so sweet to have a giveaway of one of your beautiful projects. Finger crossed :D
    Beth P

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial. Happy Birthday and thanks for the beautiful giveaway.

  6. Elisabet, yes, you are right, this is only one drawer... of... many. :-))

  7. I love it. Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway.

  8. What a lovely tutorial and your page turned out beautifully. The heart is adorable thank you for your generosity.

  9. Great little tutorial! I like that you sew everything all at once. I store my Tacky glue upside down too--all I need is a champagne glass to put it in!

  10. Ohhhhhh. Your heart art is beautiful! (As is everything on your blog!) Thanks for the tutorial and the generous giveaway opportunity.

  11. You make it so effortlessly....beautiful photos and instructions.

  12. Great tutorial, thank you for sharing your talent!

  13. That tutorial Sox is really well prepared and easy to follow especially for a beginner!
    I tend to use lots of flower pins when preparing collages and glueing usually comes last for me!
    Oh thanks for the lovely link dear friend and yes that is such a sweet heart you have created out of some
    sort of music fabric?
    Hope you are enjoying your evening!

  14. The tutorial is fab and i know my sister will enjoy sewing her own fabric collage soon. The heart is lovely. I agree; you make the process look very easy. Hugs. Karen

  15. yay!! A HUGE THANK YOU for this tutorial!! I was looking for one and yours is really helpful. Your fabric work is gorgeous. New follower here, count me in! You're having a most beautiful giveaway. And now I see you already commented on my blog and became a follower. Shame on me to be paying you a visit back so late.

    hugs and happy day to you,

  16. I love hearing about/seeing the creative process; I just find knowing how other artists approach a projet so interesting. And the beginners out there will greatly benefit from your generous sharing. And a giveaway on top of all that! Thank you.

  17. The tutorial is great. And not having brought any fibre, ephemera or embellishments with me to the Desert, purchasing one of your kits is brilliant. I’m anxious to make my own lace page in the next little while.

    Thanks Sox for the opportunity to win the lovely heart.

  18. Love your tutorial and love the heart

  19. I look at these lace pages and my mind whirls with how does a person begin and what is the thought process to deciding what stays and what goes? Your tutorial really does answer all those questions! I love all the bits of laces and trims and especially liked the idea of adding a band to the bottom. It finishes it just beautifully! Thanks so much for adding my name to your giveaway... the heart is just precious!

  20. Loved your tutorial and will definitely be giving this process a try :) Love the champagne glass, I keep my glue in a bud vase. The heart is gorgeous, have a lovely day
    - Jeanette

  21. Thank you for your tutorial. I am having so much fun with your help and inspiration. The heart is gorgeous
    Best wishes

  22. Thank you for your tutorial. I am having so much fun with your help and inspiration. The heart is gorgeous
    Best wishes

  23. i struggle using laces and these sorts of images, and the layering! Phew I can't ever get that one. but with this helpful, and beautiful tut i might be able to at least take a better stab at it.
    Congrats to whoever wins that darling heart.

  24. Sox, I loved your step by step and was delighted to follow along until you revealed your buttons! Whaaaa? And those are just the round white ones!! Thank you for giving us a peek at your process and the beautiful result.

  25. Thank you for the tutorial Sox!! As a beginner in fabric art it was immensely helpful to me. Love the page and I love that lucios heart!! Belated Happy Birthday!

  26. And I am truly lucky to have the beautiful finished fabric collage having in my bedroom where I can enjoy looking at her! Thank you so much for the tutorial and I recently bought a huge bottle if Aleena's Tacky it!!
    The lil heart is lovely!
    Warm Hugs my friend!!

  27. Sox, you absolutely amaze me! I'm dazed by your talents.... from your incredible, intricate beadwork, to your wonderful abstracts, and also, too, your beautiful lace work. You're always an inspiration. Thanks for your tutorial. It's always fun to see how someone else creates.
    Blessings and hugs,

  28. Great tutorial Sox! And such a lovely heart.
    I've got a giveaway going on at my blog too.
    Hope you stop by and drop your name in the hat.
    Hugs Lynn

  29. Beautiful lacey project!!! I don't know if I could cut up an antique doily! I love antique fabrics! You do make me want to use more lace in my art!

  30. Beautiful lacey project!!! I don't know if I could cut up an antique doily! I love antique fabrics! You do make me want to use more lace in my art!

  31. Beautiful lacey project!!! I don't know if I could cut up an antique doily! I love antique fabrics! You do make me want to use more lace in my art!

  32. Sox, your work is so inspriring. I love playing in paper but I have such a soft spot for lace and fabric and your page and tutorial just makes me want to immediately go play in that sandbox! NOW! Thanks for sharing a great tutorial!

  33. Sox, Happy Birthday! TFS your detailed tutorial, your vintage page turned out romantic and beautiful.
    I love the heart, as it comes from the heart.
    Dorly Weitzen. Israel

  34. I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial, thank you so much for posting it. The heart is gorgeous as well, and it would be lovely to win it. Belated Birthday wishes, I hope you had a great day.

  35. Great tutorial, Sox! You make it look so easy... and it truly is when the items are all stacked up on top of each other that way... The finished look is a winner every time! I have your little birthday gift done, just need to get it in the mail..... and I have packages to go, so it should be on it's way to you soon! So keep an eye out!


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