Maitri book

Another book I was quite interested in making is a very personal one. A Maitri book. It’s a devotional book for Buddhist people. It contains the Maitri prayer, as well as quotes worth remembering from Buddhist teachers and thinkers.

I had saved some gorgeous silks from India. I’ve used mostly images of my trip to India. I’m aware that I have Hindu images as well, mixing my religions.

Well, for one, Buddhism is not a religion, and next, when one is in India, it’s hard to avoid the influence of Hindu images.

The Maitri prayer?

May I be happy

And free from the sources of suffering.

May  you be happy

And free from the sources of suffering.

May we all be happy

And free from the sources of suffering.

The prayer to cultivate detachment.



  1. Oh my Goodness. I just can't get over how gloriously beautiful this is. Thank you for sharing.


  2. really nice Sox-wish I could see it in person

  3. Oh Sox This is just so beautiful - the whole idea
    speaks loudly to me. I also have a collection of
    similar items for a journal including some beautiful old sari braids but first I must finish my "Tattered Angels" journal. It is so full of meaning and I would love to see more with the quotes and prayers etc. Is that a buddhist monk on the cover of an indian swami - bit hard to tell!
    Hari Om Tat Sat!

  4. What a gorgeous journal, I love the rich colours, images and textures. A very personal book, thanks for sharing :)

  5. I LOVE your journals... AWESOME!

  6. I'm enjoying the contrast of colors you select for your books, Sox. It makes them so interesting.

  7. These are works o0f art!


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