Paris lace book

I had in the back of my mind to make a vintage lace book dedicated to Paris. Who best to do that than a Parisian!!!!

There are lots of blank spaces for journaling. I have included vintage images, old laces and buttons. I also got to practice my crazy quilting, inspired by the superb work Suzy Quaif keeps creating. Thank you, Suzy for pushing me to excell.

This book has 3 signatures of 4 pages each, each signature is fabric wrapped.

I stenciled the blank pages, as well as aged them.

You will also find below one of my original watercolors. Not a photocopy…



  1. You SO inspire me. I'm gonna get out my lace!!!


  2. This one is tres yummie (my own french word!)

  3. Dear Sox - This is simply my idea of heaven too!
    You really inspire ME!!!! girl! Just love it!
    Thanks for your little complement also - that is so sweet but you know your journals just keep getting better and better! I think one day we should do a swap! - what do you think???
    Love and hugs,

  4. Tres magnifique! Just a sensual delight, so full of layers and textures, I love it :)

  5. your muse is working overtime, these are awessome!

  6. What a visual treat. Fellow MAMA member.

  7. Beautiful! I am seriously thinking of making a fabric book myself....but I don't think I could come up with one as lovely as yours!


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