Round Robin books and a Lace journal

Busy time of month when the Round Robin journals come in.

I have completed several, which are now on their way.

In the Kindred Spirits Round Robin, I finished Gloria’s book. Her theme is Vintage Shabby Chic. Here’s what I did:

for gloria

The girl is actually 3D, and each butterfly is highlighted with clear embossing powder.

I grunged and aged the page too.


Next is Eileen’s lace book in the Vintage Round Robin. Her theme is Vintage Accessories. Her book already had gloves, glasses, so much good stuff, but… it was really missing a boa. And everyone knows life goes better with a boa. Here’s the front cover:CIMG6996

The left page has a red rose, and lots of lace.



The right page is the lady with her boa and her jewelry, checking herself in the mirror. Soooo romantic!




And finally, the last Round Robin that left yesterday is the Medieval Lace Book. I had Liz’s journal: Medieval Gardens.ON the left page, I embroidered a medieval design from BeadsEast, on a background of faded pink velvet.


On the right page is a picture of one of the last Medieval gardens in France, Chateau de Villandry. It happens to be 10 miles from my home town, so I know it quite well. Liz loves rust, orange and green colors. All fall colors. So I added some chestnuts, and some flowers in that color range.


The outside cover is striped velvet that I decorated with machine stitches in all sorts of colors, as well as ribbons and flowers.


And of course, the latest bracelet, because I wouldn’t want you to think I’ve stopped beading… This one is headed to my hairdresser’s salon. Because in Palm Springs, there is  a market for such a masculine cuff. Now to find a rock star…



  1. All beautiful.... I love that little piece of lace that fits on Eileen's ladies head so well! It is a dreamy romantic page! Nice job..... Now you will be on your last book which is Elena's next, right?

  2. All the pages are divine - I'm in love with your beautiful beading on the rose velvet - luscious!!!
    The outside cover stitching just blows me away!!!!
    Shane ♥

  3. Love the first image Sox - both the image in the background and the foreground woman wearing butterflies.
    You have used some amazing fabric in Eileen's book. Love the cover.
    Great to see the details of your beadwork - I can really appreciate it now - looks lovely on that shade of velvet doesn't it?

  4. Beautiful work by our productive ARTIST!!!

  5. Comme je t'ai déjà dit,... Tu ne dors JAMAIS?!?!?
    Wow! Sérieusement,!


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  7. Such beautiful art with a romantic edge. Love your butterfly headdress!

    Lori Saul
    Foxglove Hollow

  8. All beautiful work. Very creative.


  9. Your Round Robin pal is going to be extremely pleased with this lovely book. The cover alone is magnificent and makes me long to touch it. The butterflies are magical.xx


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