Carla Sonheim class

At the Art and Soul Retreat, I took a class with Carla Sonheim on the last day. She taught some really great techniques, some that I have yet to develop, but I particularly loved the result of her background techniques. 
All you do is cover the background with gesso, then apply a wash of watercolor. The colors come out really subtle and I love them. 

Now what to do with those marvelous colors. So I got the idea to  make a whole series of panels with hearts, based on the sewing techniques I was picking up from the Ruth Rae book: Layered, tattered and stitched. 
Huh, it is rather addictive, and I made a dozen.... All these are small panels, 4 x 6.

This last one is a larger panel, 8.5 x 7.5. I love the catching of a little heart or a rose behind the gauze. It's a bit hard to render on the screen, you'll just have to take my word for it. All in all, immense fun. I look forward to your feedback. It's obviously not my usual style, and I wonder if they're just too sweet.

The whole Vegas retreat was a bit of overwhelm for me, some of it having to do with the town itself. There was also so  much sensory overload, walking through casinos with lights, fake sounds of fake winnings of fake money. The stores were full of amazing products, colors. I got home and fears I'd never produce a piece of art again.


  1. oooh Sox - I love these!!! They are not too sweet at all. The background gives that "rough " look if ya know what I mean. So cool.

    I can see these selling - are you gonna open an etsy store? :)

    Love your last 2 posts too. I also want to try that tunnel book thing.


  2. The hearts are lovely. Isn't it fun to take one small idea from one person, another from someone else and make something beautiful?

  3. These are wonderful! I have that book on my wish list at Amazon. I think I may have to place an order! These are beautiful in their simplicity!

  4. I really like your work. Glad you posted which led me here.

  5. Wow Sox, I love them, all of them! Can't wait for Hampton!!! It is not soon enough for me.

  6. Definitely not too sweet...just sweet enough! Nice going. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Vegas!

  7. Sure it's sweet, but that's okay! I love to see your style evolving and trying new things like jewelry and the lightness of these paintings. It's wonderful. I really like the softness and the hearts.

  8. Gorgeous - Gorgeous! I really like the red heart one and the one w/ the birds. Brilliant! xoxo

  9. Hey there--found your blog link on ArtZine--loved checking out your art work. The canvas art with the stitched hearts is so amazing! And I enjoyed your updates on what you learned at the art retreat in Vegas--very inspirational. =)


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