Valentine’s Birthday and so much more

With a birthday on Valentine’s day, I have been showered with heart warming gifts.

My dear friend Liz in Oregon, who is a marvelous quilter and a member of one of my Lace Round Robin made this beautiful fabric collage for me. Notice how the hands form a heart? HER hands, which she traced and reduced on the computer before cutting in fabric. And do you see all the details, the tiny little red buttons, and the rhinestones? Love!


I have also exchanged a fabric collage with my new friend in the UK, Alison. She sent me this wonderful vintage page. And the tag!!! Notice the tag!?!?!?!? All that hand embroidery is just exquisite. I did suggest she considers using some of that beautiful stitching in her collages, it’s so beautiful, and something that most of us don’t do or won’t do anymore.


Here is the one I sent Alison. I had just finished a batch of dyeing, and I had this deed wine color. An acquired taste, but Alison has received it and she likes it:



Beautiful Suzy in Australia sent this beautiful fabric ‘card’. Don’t you just love these soft pastels? Lovely.


Lucky me, she’d already sent me a collage last month, this time in these gorgeous browns and rusts that I so love.



My dear friends from Canada surprised me with a dozen red roses!!!! Imagine. I thought I was passed the age of getting red roses on Valentine’s Day. And aren’t they just magnificent?



In the middle of all this happiness, I managed to finish a new bracelet cuff, and to list it on Etsy.



And I even posted a painting on Etsy too. This one is 16x20, on stretched canvas.  It was done earlier and didn’t seem to have made it to the Etsy site, so here it is. I exhibited it in a show in Vancouver. It was quite popular and got rave reviews, but I ended up selling a much larger one. I used alcohol inks on a canvas base. IMG_0947


  1. Lots of lovely presents and art you have made. I think you have definitely found your niche with lace and beads.

  2. What an incredible display of love and affection for you, Sox. I love the crazy quilt tag and all the embroidery stitches, and of course all your lovely work. You are prolific!

  3. Beautiful gifts! Happy belated birthday to you. I am SO enjoying the lace journal you sent is quite a treasure.

  4. Amazing, one prettier then the other! What a sweet friend you have, the roses are gorgeous!!!
    Happy belated Valentine's Birthday to you!

  5. Some very beautiful gifts indeed to a very deserving friend!
    Such a beautiful collage created by Liz and also from Alison and that sweet crazy quilted tag!
    The roses are so superb!
    Hope you had a wonderful day for your Birthday!
    x Suzy

  6. Oh, so much eye candy and inspiration! Thank you for sharing the crazy-quilt tag. I would have never thought of that and it is a version of crazy quilting I might actually manage to finish with my short attention span!

  7. Your mixed media is fabulous and Oh, that cuff is awesome!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  8. All the birthday gifts are gorgeous and you are a veery special friend to many. Your new cuff is fabulous, more so in person...


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