Last Vintage Lace Book Page

This Round Robin journal is now going home to Elena, and it was my privilege to be the last one to work in it.

Her theme was vintage Paris.

I made the design on the back pages on my new embroidery machine. Gotta love it. I also added a crown and the letter “E” for Elena, because she’s our queen friend, who organizes lots of wonderful Round Robins.


Her book cover was mainly black and white, so I followed the theme.

On the left page, I printed images of Paris on fabric, and decorated them with a beautiful white flower from Beads and Buttons in Portland, and a sweet little white bird inside of a black rose. For the background, I used this wonderful black and white Paris map fabric that I had. It all got covered with tons of lace, of course.


CIMG7220 white bird

For the right page, I had this wonderful furry and feathery black nest with precious stones in it. It guided the design for the rest of the page. I used a large piece of lace that covers both pages. It has these large white flowers on it, which seemed to continue the theme.



Here is a view of both pages together. I trimmed the top of the page with black and white gingham, very French. The bottoms silver and black trim comes from the collar of a jacket a girlfriend just gave me. It comes from Italy, and has tons of silver beads. Not easy to wear outside of Italy, even if you live in Palm Springs! It was perfect to finish the pages.



  1. Gorgeous pages Sox! Lucky Elena!!

  2. Gorgeous Paris page. Lucky Elena!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  3. Just beautiful! Love all the details, and the color scheme is so elegant. Lucky Elena, indeed.

  4. Elena is going to LOVE this. Very beautiful.

  5. I live in Portland OR and have not heard of Bead and Button. Is it here or the other Portland? Love your pages!!

    1. Sorry, that's the Button Emporium downtown. I must have just read the Beads and Buttons blog or something... :-)0

  6. Iam so happy to have found your awesome blog and to see your beautiful's so lovely and delicate....blessings...

  7. You did a gorgeous job on the 2 pages. I am sure your friend will love it.




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