Five Buddhas

I have been reading Lorne Ladner’s “The Lost Art of Compassion”, as well as “Taming The Mind” by Thubten Chodron. The two books inspired me to paint Buddhas.

This first one is 28x36, on paper. It has some collage, and gold paint.


There are actually only 3 more, the 4th one, I don’t like at all. Here they are.



These are projects that I’ve been wanting to work on for months. I’m glad I finally got to experiment.

Next, I’ll be working on composition, with collage. Taking myself through my own art school, I guess.


  1. Hello Socrates, Wonderful collage painting meditations on the Buddha figure. I love the textural effects you create. The colours are beautiful and rich. I think they work nicely as a series. Michelle

  2. Sox-I like the second one the best-I like the black and the design you added--I also bet that the first with the gold paint is much more dramatic in person.

  3. Cool. My favorite is between 2 and 3. I like the different perspective on them. Maybe #4 is not finished yet? seems a bit off balance? Put it aside and look at it again in a few weeks. Beautiful job on all of them though.

  4. WOW this holiday has been good for you,you are on a roll,All fabulous!

  5. How did you decide on the various perspectives? I find them fascinating. I'm loving the colors you used. Very natural and earthy.

  6. I have very many pictures of Buddhas I've taken at various times, plus a large collection. I find them more interesting than the usual head on, since I've painted those before. The hand one is part of a statue I photographed in India. I didn't realize the hand would look strange until I saw the finished painting.

  7. I think you are probably your very best teacher - LOL I mean, who else would you listen to? I'm saying this tongue-in-cheek as I so recognize myself in you...Your Buddhas are wonderful and I think Lisa has it on the hand - keep going.


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