Pretty face redux

Here's my lady's face in its final version.
Much embellishments, a la Suzi Blu. It makes for a fun journal page.
This is on canvas, 11x 14


  1. Your lady is beautiful. I can see a definite improvement, and Suzi's influence. Ahhh, Suziblu or Julie Prichard? That is the question. I want to practice my drawing skills, but I'd also like to just play with color. I like Julie's classes because they are open and there is no time line. Maybe Suzi will do that in the future. It's helpful to know that you are happy with her class.

  2. She is so pretty-her yes and her mouth. Love her!

  3. I absolutely love this one. She is comforting somehow.

  4. Beautiful! Even more amazing considering the size!


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