Word of intent ATC's

The Blissfully Art Journal was offering a Word of Intent ATC challenge, where you illustrate 5 of the Words of Intent that women selected for 2010, and in return, you receive 5 illustrations of YOUR word.

I thought it was a great challenge, to see how other people interpret YOUR theme.

My word for 2010 is Heart. A path with heart.

I can already feel the changes in my life. Choosing to engage on a path with heart has meant that I can no longer allow toxic relationships in my life. I need all my energy and concentration to BE on that path, and to allow my heart to open.

I would have thought that with such a word, I would have wanted to be more open, more available, more 'Mother Theresa". On the contrary, I find that I'm more selective on how I spend my time, so that I can fully give of my heart.

Here is how I interpret "Decide" for my lovely friend Janet who likes bright colors:

This one is The Happiness Project, where -as I undertand it- everyday, you try to spread a bit of happiness, for yourself and for others.

This one is called 'Delight".

This one is Happiness. It was a bit odd to have "happiness' and the happiness project in the same draw, but they are in fact, a slightly different focus. As I understand it, of course.
This last one is called Hope


  1. The dear women receiving these will be thrilled!

  2. Sox
    Love your ATC's! And especially that RED peacock woman!!

  3. LOVE mine!!! Yea!!! :) *giggles*

  4. These turned out great. The ones I am doing are so different but that's the point in trading isn't it?

  5. Great ATC's!
    My favorite is the one you did for Janet. Love that red peacock!

  6. These are beautiful! The colors on the peacock ATC are incredible. And I love the sweet note in a library book idea. I just happen to have a couple here ...

  7. Yay!! I'm so excited about these!!


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