Two Suzi Blu paintings

I've made two goddesses today. One is finished, the other one is bugging me.

For the first one, I wanted a night scene, she's the Moon Goddess. Her hair is silver, and textured with matte gel medium. It really works for making hair. It looks very cool.

Here's a close up of the landscape. I've used clear granular gel on the left and just gel medium above.

For the other one, I followed again a Suzi Blu direction, where her goddess has embellishments on her face. But I put something terribly dark and it's shocking. I'll have to see if I can do cosmetic surgery here, and try something else.

Stay tuned.

And a photo of this morning's sunrise, since it was so awesome. Magical colors, with islands and mountains in the background.


  1. Sox
    The faces are beautiful! I may just have to take that class at a later date!!!

  2. Both are mesmerizing! Fantastic job!!

  3. Sox,

    The sunrise is spectacular. As are your pictures.

    On the second one, do you think you could make her face a bit darker instead of trying to remove the dark embellishment?

    Just a thought,


  4. OMG Sox, did you finish the class already? I just drew my first eye! That said... they are beautiful, but my favorite is moon goddess. All the texture and sparkles and the face is gorgeous. You've really made her YOU. I agree with the bottom one. The thing on her face doesn't look like a part of her face, more like something ON her face... but I have every confidence that you will fix it :-) Did you show these to Suzi yet?

  5. I love the eyes you have done. Fantastic!!!

  6. Love your ladies. Your backgrounds really enhance them. I am taking Suzi's class as well. she is very fun.

  7. Wow Sox!! They are beautiful! I love the textured background.can't wait to do this class!

  8. Oh my gosh... I just found your blog... I'm just learning face too. See my blog at
    I'm taking a personal art retreat to learn what you just posted. Maybe I should practice with pencil first. I'll be watching your blog for more. And.. I really like your acrylic paintings. GREAT job!!

  9. Sox! I love the moon goddess and the texture is so cool. I agree you need to tone done the other one a bit or something. Just play!

    And mountains! I wish.


  10. Hey Sox -very nice work. The textures are wonderful, and the faces are really expressive. I think Vicki is right about darkening the second one a bit. That might be a good place to start and then see if it still needs something. Well done! nancy

  11. doing a fine job
    she is beautiful!
    the texture is terrific!!!
    i am in her classes too

  12. The first one looks great. You are right on the second one. It looks like something over her face and is much too dark for the face but the face is pale so let's see how you adjust it. I'm sure you can!

    Great sunrise! Very moody.

  13. Oh wow, I am speechless. These are beautiful. Wow, wow, wow!

  14. What a pretty sunrise! And I just love your Goddesses! The texture is great! You inspire me! :-)


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