It may be the seat of the winter Olympics, it is still a magnificent town in its own right. I love this video.

Here's to whet your appetite:


  1. Wow Sox. I didn't know Vancouver was so... BIG. It's a huge city with lots big buildings and I love the mountains RIGHT in the background. It's absolutely beautiful. It has everything... pretty citylife, water, mountains, fog. Tell your friend great job and thanks for sharing it. I'll be thinking of you when I watch the Olympics.

  2. The music is fabulous!! My favorite part is the moon moving across the sky and the reflection of the buildings in the water--also all the shimmery waving misty throughout!!

  3. Sox, What a beautiful video. Vancouver is gorgeous! I didn't know it had mountains.

  4. Sox;
    This actually wet my appetite for Vancouver and I lived there for 30 years! LOL. It is really a beautiful city being on the water and the mountains surrounding it. What a great video. Thanks for sharing.


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