Bright new acrylic

In the class I'm taking online with Julie Prichard, I got stuck on lesson 5, where we had to use crackle paste. Can't get my crackle paste to crackle. So I stayed stuck here for 2 months.

Finally, wisdom prevailed, and I moved on to lesson 6. She suggests that we work with colors that we're not used to. I have this beautiful Golden Quinachridone Magenta, but each time I've used the tiniest amount of it, it's resulted in a disaster. So I thought I'd use that as a base.

She suggests also that we take a photo as a guide to lead us, as we won't know how to combine the colors.

I found a Gauguin self-portrait that had colors I liked, even though I'd not have dared to combine them myself.

I also used some techniques that I've recently picked up from Mary Ann Moss of the Remains of the Day. She has a very sweet 'stencilry' class that is amazing. Now stencils are really hard on the hands, but I cut a few in cardboard. I see why you use stencil material to cut them, in cardboard, they just curl up after a few uses. Duh!!!!

This painting is big - for me! 16 x 24. It was a challenge to put so many bright colors together. I'm not sure if it's finished.


I think I may add some white. I tried white chalks last night, and that didn't really work. Good thing there were chalk, they erase easily.

Your comments are appreciated.


  1. At the risk of repetion, I can only comment bravo. :-) It must be something about genetic retinal synergy or something - I really don't know anything about art - but the way you use colors and balance things always worlks for me! :-) - It's grey but warm near Stanley Park today. :-)

  2. I love this, and I love the colors! You go girl!

  3. Good for you in stepping past your comfort zone, you did a beautiful job. The colors really draw us in and I love the images.
    You might just want to sit on it a few days before you do any more. "Live with it" a bit.

  4. Very nice Sox! I love all the colors and the stenciling.

  5. I like the colors you used. I really like the red stenciling. Very nice! milliande often uses white on her paintings after she has almost finished--not all over (she does that too) but accents. I really like the way it brings it all together.

  6. Sox, these are fantastic! great colours and design! love the drips and stencil!


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