Second Round Robbin

I'm also involved in another round robbin, but this one is an altered book. I love an altered book. It's my interest for altering a book which got me into all this art stuff that I'm so deep into now.

There are only 5 of us in this exchange, 2 people in England, 2 in Canada, and the hostess in the US. I found a small book with few pages so it's not too heavy to mail around, but sturdy enough. It is (was) a copy of Hans Christian Andersen in French. I like to play with the words on the page, but I guess in French, that's being a bit unfair.

My theme is Colors. I am mainly interested in the altered books techniques, since this is my FIRST AB exchange. I thought I'd keep the theme simple so the ladies can be creative on the technique.

I'm much into free motion sewing these days, learning the technique. I made the cover with some white satin, a layer of lace which completely disappeared under the stitching. I added a layer of very open lace trim, and free motion sewed on top with metallic thread. I put some Angelina fibers, but with the metallic thread, they've become invisible.

Here is my sign up page, and my own spread in the book: 
I used my Pan Pastels for the background. That's the ONE thing I learned in the class by Cre9It from Jessica. That's about all she had to share...

And the back cover. I left the bottom open, in case someone wanted to add something to it.


  1. I like your book cover and the angelina fibers give it a nice glimmer!!

  2. I love that first spread... the little tunnel action with the eyes peeking through. Awesome!

  3. Sox;
    I love that picture you did with the eyes peeking through and the different colors of torn paper around it. You are so creative. I can't believe how busy you have been with your art work since I last took a peek through your blog! You're awesome!


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