Free motion stitching

Here is something I created yesterday, after learning about free motion stitching.. I cut up some photos, glued them on top of muslin, and outlined the details in free motion. I added some fibers for depth.

It's my interpretation of our world, or a world for all people. Now I have to figure out how to finish it. How do you frame or hang something like that. I'll look for a small branch or a little twig to roll the top through. And voila.


  1. Nice stitching Sox. Looks like you are having fun with it!

  2. Hi Sox,

    I've given you a blog award. You can find out all about it on my blog.


  3. This is very, very, cool! The colors, the stitching, the texture, and the idea - great! nancy

  4. Nice you put it together very creatively. Your free motion is very good!
    I just got a very interesting new book that shows sewing your photos in a very intersting way, When I find the book I will post back with the name of it.......why is that stuff never around when I need it??

  5. Very Nice Piece, Sox. I love the deep blue colors. I need to get on my machine too, just so many things to do. Looks like we have very similar looking dogs. You can see mine in my profile picture.

  6. Hi Sox! I just had a friend contact me telling me you were looking for me on the A&S forum. I'm so glad you looked for me, I was trying to figure out how to stay in touch with you! My e-mail is (take out the no spam =) ) Talk to you soon!


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