Marie Antoinette Round Robin

Now I know how to spell Round Robin with only ONE b. I have so much fun making those books, I just signed up for another one. This one has for theme: Marie Antoinette. The last queen of France is getting a lot of press these days. I thought all the frou frou, bling and glitz would be fun, since it's so much out of my comfort zone.

I was let into the group at the last minute, thank you, fearless leader who took a gamble on me. I made my journal over the weekend so it could be on its way to Australia.
I grabbed some fabric that I thought looked rich and elegant for the cover, and this eventually suggested  my own theme.

Because the fabric is black and gold, with a red trim, it suggested to me a Confessions book. Where would Marie Antoinette write her deepest thoughts and dreams, and confess what she couldn't tell even her confessor?

This is the sign up page for the artists who will work in it, little tags that add up to the colors of the French flag.

I made a page to introduce her purpose for the book as a way to tell my fellow artists what to do in my book.

I made a digital montage with a picture of an elegant room, a cutout of Louis duc de Normandie and Marie Antoinette as drawn by one of my favorite artists, James Christensen. I colored it with colored pencils and added a bit of glitter.

And since I can never stop myself, I added two more pages, that really are not that interesting:

My journal is on its way to Australia and one will soon be on its way to me. To while away the time, I'm making one children's hardboard book into a Marie Antoinette present for my sister who's just had a bit of bad news. I don't know that she;ll feel better about the last queen of France who ended up beheaded, but my sister (step-sister) has a maiden name from an old royal family, so maybe it will cheer her up. All this outrageous bling and pearls and glitz has its own charm, I have to admit.


  1. Ah ha, now the blue and roses makes sense to me, lol. Great book!

  2. I do love this--the bling and lace and brocade etc etc. This looks so fun!! I wish I could be in it too. BOO HOO!!

  3. It looks like so much fun! I wish I had your skill at these journal pages. I just drool at all the rich embellishments! Gorgeous!

  4. This looks to be a stunning journal- what wonderful embellishments you used to create a beautiful antique looking book - lovely art and blog!

  5. What a beautiful start to your journal! I've never really gotten into Marie... but the more I see the more intriguing it gets. Can't wait to see more.


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