An idea for a RR

When I was last in a scrapbook store, I discovered these little blank folders. The immediately caught my attention, as they thought they had a lot of potential.

I took some pictures of what can be done with them.

The little folders are 8x8 with an overlapping front cover and top, bottom and side flaps. The side flap wraps around the front cover, to close with a snap, a button, etc.

Here is the book open, with the top and bottom flap. It's fun to add a pocket on the inside to hold some fun items related to the theme.

The "book" is then made up of cards, scrapbook fashion. Each card gets slightly bigger than the one above, and both sides are decorated.

For a RR or a journal, this is where artists would do their magic, and get to add 'stuff' in the pocket.

The cards are held together with brads and a reinforced piece of ribbon. It all gets hidden by the back paper eventually, on the back cover.

Here is another example, with a graduation theme:

This should give you a pretty good idea of the potential for these books. They could certainly be used in a Round Robin with as many members as cards can fit in the book, or add one for altering the back cover and the inside cover with the page. 

Here are two pictures of the blank folders so you get an idea of how the pages overlap.. 

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